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  Full Body Lift  

The benefits of substantial weight loss are seemingly endless—improved overall health, boosted confidence, a more fit body, and a better outlook on life to name a few. But unfortunately, extreme weight loss—such as that experienced by a recipient of bariatric surgery—can leave the skin stretched, sagging, and hanging and buttocks flat and unshapely. A body lift will trim away excess skin and tighten remaining tissue, leaving the body taut and toned. The techniques used in body lift are very similar to those used in abdominoplasty, except that the body lift is a more involved, in-depth procedure. Body lift results can be life changing.

Body Lift Surgery is a solution for anyone who’s lost a significant amount of weight. He or she has excess skin and loss in skin elasticity on their face, breasts, back, trunk and thighs.  

Orange County Plastic Surgery patients who are candidates for body lifts are usually those who have undergone bariatric surgery (gastric bypass surgery, gastric band, lapbands etc.) and now have loose or hanging skin.

Are You a Candidate For a Body Lift? 

There are several groups of candidates for the extensive surgery involved in a body lift. The first group includes patients who have lost a great amount of weight, either through gastric bypass surgery, intestinal bypass surgery or change in nutrition and fitness habits.

Body Lift Procedure 

Although the steps of the body lift procedure differ depending on the needs of the patient, doctors often perform surgery on the stomach first, removing excess skin from the belly button to the pubic area and then tightening the abdominal wall muscle. This is the area that is most often loosened by pregnancy or weight loss. The fat and skin from above the belly button is pulled down and sutured in place, and the belly button is pulled out to its normal position.


Recovery from the body lift can be painful and extended. Patients have tubes and drains left in their skin for one to two weeks post surgery to drain any tissue fluid or blood. They are encouraged to walk right away, and progressively move more as days pass. Most patients resume normal activity in four to six weeks after body lift surgery.

How Long Will The Results Last?

The results are long lasting, usually for many years.


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