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Dr. David Glick

As a renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Glick integrates artistry, professionalism, and medical expertise to obtain beautiful results for his patients. He specializes in a number of cosmetic options from breast augmentation to Restylane injections that can help you look and feel your best. Whether you are seeking a subtle enhancement or a full transformation, we have a solution.


Dr. Joseph Bivens

Dr. Bivens has dedicated his life to the enhancement of the human form, personally as an artist and musician, and professionally as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon. He works to bring beauty fulfillment to his patients. Dr. Bivens pursued Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery as a career path in order to realize his desires to embellish beauty and balance of the body. His work begins with his careful analysis of the body and inner self and its effect on beauty. A beautiful body can only evolve from the beauty within, Dr. Bivens emphasizes. Dr. Bivens has strong convictions as to the importance of the mind body relationships.



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