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Rhinoplasty , or a "nose job," is a very popular procedure that can make profound differences not only in the balance of facial features, but also in a person's self-esteem.

There are usually two types of people who want rhinoplasty or nose jobs, if you are in any way unhappy with the shape of your nose of if you have trouble breathing.

A nose that is too large, too small, or otherwise misshapen can negatively affect our entire facial appearance in a very powerful way. Since the nose is the central and often the most prominent facial feature, the beauty and harmony of your face can be exceptionally enhanced with a carefully crafted rhinoplasty procedure. In addition, nasal shape can affect function as well as form, given the nose’s significant role in breathing.

Rhinoplasty (or nose jobs) are very popular amongst Orange County Cosmetic Surgery patients.

For decades, one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures has been the nose job, or rhinoplasty. The reasons for its continued popularity lie in the ability of a good nose job to completely transform an individual's appearance by bringing all of the facial features into a better symmetry. Nose jobs can also create subtle changes, correcting small flaws or asymmetries.

There is an enormous amount of flexibility associated with nose jobs-they may be combined with almost any number of other procedures, such as chin augmentations, facelifts or blepharoplasty. A nose job is also one of the few plastic surgery procedures that may be covered by insurance; a condition known as deviated septum can be treated through a nose job, and some insurance companies will cover the procedure even if cosmetic steps are taken as well (such as thinning the bridge).

What does a rhinoplasty procedure involve?

Rhinoplasty can be performed from within the nose, making the incision inside the nostrils. Sometimes an "open" procedure is used where a small incision is made across the columella, the vertical strip of tissue separating the nostrils

When the surgery is complete, a splint will be applied to help your nose maintain its new shape. Nasal packs or soft plastic splints also may be placed in your nostrils to stabilize the septum, the dividing wall between the air passages

How long can I expect the results to last?

With the exception of changes associated with aging, results are permanent .

Will I be put under general anesthesia?

Depending on the preference of the surgeon and/or the patient, rhinoplasty can be performed under general or local anesthesia .

Revision rhinoplasty is usually performed to correct serious mistakes made in prior surgeries, although some revision rhinoplasty procedures are touch-ups or second attempts to address the original problem.

Candidates for revision rhinoplasty may use the same doctor as for the original procedure, but in most cases revision rhinoplasty procedures are performed by a separate doctor. Like the original rhinoplasty surgery, there are limits to what revision rhinoplasty can do. Patients should have a clear idea of what they would like the outcome to be after revision rhinoplasty, and should discuss these expectations with their doctor during the consultation. The doctor performing the revision rhinoplasty can often present a variety of options, depending on what the patient expects the revision rhinoplasty to accomplish.

Bumps can be filed down, and dips can be filled out using implants. Revision rhinoplasty can also correct noses that are too thin or thick, and remove scar tissue. Because revision rhinoplasty requires a certain set of skills and is often more delicate than the original procedure, revision rhinoplasty can become a specialty in its own right, with some plastic surgeons’ reputations built on revision rhinoplasty alone.

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